Economy revisit. (and uploading an example mod)

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Economy revisit. (and uploading an example mod)

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I just finished an article, mostly about trading system. My goal was to propose improvements without code alteration if possible. It seems, if anyone reads the article, that prices of commodities and their available stock can define ships' prices and their cargo space, by adding an exponential to 48th line of SpaceStation.lua.
Adopting article's ideas in full extend, a minimum code extend is needed to add a 'prerequisite' feature on acquiring new ship or on upgrading of ships if you prefer that.
As a result
  • a clear player's target must be defined by developers, in order to set proper values in the 48th line of SpaceStation.lua and
  • ship model designers are restricted to create ships with specific prices and cargo spaces or cargo upgrades if you prefer.
You can read pdf (or download pdf, tex and anything you like) here.
Thank you.

Economy mod uploaded
I uploaded an economy mod. You can read about in the above url link. Calibration of economy proved, by much, easier than its analysis.
I hope some developer to be inspired and create a proper code for calibrating economy as it is and not wait till the development of an economy simulation code, that i can not put it in near or middle future.
I hope some player to enjoy it.
Thank you.

I uploaded a new simpler economy mod where prerequisite feature is no longer needed. Older mod, that had the disadvantage of less and less duration from ship to ship, as player climbs the upgrade chain, kept but renamed
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Re: Economy revisit

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Although I know little about agent based methods and the game codebase for trading logic, I enjoyed the paper and thank you for sharing it.
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