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World lore

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Ive just taken a look at Pioneer again,

still seems to be lacking what I would call "lore". a game engine with varying objects and things to do with those objects but no "spirit", no who, when, where and why. Ive long wanted to make a difference there and started this time by looking at the station lobby screen. its a barren wasteland of functionality where the only difference is at the name on the top of it all.

IMO, it should be full of backstory and current affair updates (if the location is noteworthy), but current code allows for no flavor.

I suggest the addition of a function; "getWorldCustomProperties" which can be used to override defaults, called in station:constructor so that it can influence as mch as possible. preferably making it work for other objects as well (starsystems? planets? ships?). and establishing a "/World/" directory where all those custom properties can be stored in json files for each unique location or possibly even groups of locations. "Systems" --> "World/Systems". station properties into "World/Stations". heightmaps might go in there too.

Not really a huge undertaking, but right now Ive forgotten almost everything about the code structure so I cant present suggestions up front.

Anyhow, trying to muck around with the directory structure unilaterally would be a waste of time for everyone. consensus required.
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