Feature Request: Laser heat transfer to cargo

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Feature Request: Laser heat transfer to cargo

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So here's my idea:

I'd like a piece of equipment that could transfer heat from the lasers into cargo stored in the hold and then eject it.

So for example, if one's lasers heat was maxed out, you could opt to transfer and eject a bunch of heat into water stored in the hold. Once the battle is over, assuming you survived and had the correct equipment you could pick up the cargo again.

I also guess depending on what cargo you'd assigned to the heat transfer engine, it could do different things, depending on the specific heat capacity of the item to allow it to absorb more or less heat and/or turn a cargo into rubbish. Liquor could have the potential to explode when heated... Or maybe just limit it to only work with water, or even have specific cargo or munitions for it that you have to buy and replenish.

Additionally, if targeted by a missile, they could have flak like capabilities, with a chance of the missile following the heat signature of the ejected item rather then your ship.

Could add an interesting gameplay element.
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