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Feature request: 1 orbital scanner can complete all orbital scan missions

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2023 7:22 pm
by DynV
I was convinced the following was a bug but I seemingly was wrong and it belongs here.
discord Beyond the Frontier #technical-support wrote:DynV — 02/10/2023 7:55 PM
I can only scan Pallas, Sol by downgrading to a XKM-650. Is there a way to keep my more expensive orbital scanner and scan Pallas? You can try yourself with the gamesave on
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DynV — 02/10/2023 9:44 PM
I tried require 'Game'.player:AddEquip(require 'Equipment'.misc.orbitscanner) and there was the message 0 and there was still XKM-1750, so I then tried ship:SetEquip("sensor", #, Equipment.misc.orbitscanner) with # 0 to 3 then ship:RemoveEquip(misc.orbitscanner_good) with error messages. How can I cheat replacing a XKM-1750 for a XKM-650?
DynV — 02/10/2023 10:03 PM
I tried 4 & 5 for # in vain.
AxtelSturnclaw — Yesterday at 2:33 AM
your ship most likely doesn't have enough slots to mount the second sensor
require 'Game'.player:RemoveEquip(require 'Equipment'.misc.orbitscanner_good) is the full invocation
you can't use ship or misc unless you've assigned to them with ship = require 'Game'.player in the console first (and likewise for misc)
DynV — Yesterday at 2:56 AM
Thanks. I tweaked the examples that where in Ship.lua
About the sensor slot #s, there's 4/5 on the gamesave I linked.
Is the fact that XKM-1750 won't work on Pallas, Sol a bug? If so should I submit it?
AxtelSturnclaw — Today at 2:09 PM
this is not a bug - the 1750 is designed for scanning larger planets and clearly specifies its minimum altitude
the balance relative to needing two orbital scanners to take all missions could be considered a bug, but might be better served as a forum post as it's closer to a feature request / determining balance for future improvements of the mission module
DynV — Today at 2:12 PM
1750 minimum altitude isn't the problem, it's that the mission can't be completed with it.
and I can'T seem to have 2 orbital scanners installed at the same time