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Feature request: crew swap

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2023 2:56 am
by DynV
I'm pretty disappointed right now. I had a crew to hire test 50% engineering (but bad at other things) and haggled him down to $1/week, so as I was maxed on crew I dismissed 1 but then I couldn't haggle him down anymore. I'd like that instead when crew is maxed and an offer is accepted that instead of just getting as message there there isn't space for the person on board with 2 buttons to go back & hang up, that a 3rd button to swap a crew be added and perhaps at there would be appended to the message something like "Is someone packing his or her bags?" to emphasize that such an option is available.

I'm sorry if this has been brought before but I searched this forum for crew and 1-by-1 the following terms in vain: swap change exchange transfer.

Thank you for your consideration