Feature request: hold equipment

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Feature request: hold equipment

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This is not that much an issue for those willing to cheat but others might feel disappointed. For the 1st time with a ship able to equip it, I found a large plasma accelerator on sale, but I had cargo for missions and I very much dislike failing mission so I wasn't going to jettison it ; the savings on that is substantial so for the few seconds it took me to realize once I delivered enough cargo to equip it then cheat myself the savings, I was pretty disappointed.

It would be nice to purchase equipment without equipping it right then. Perhaps there can be penalty for doing so; ie a weekly storage fee (depending on weight/size). Maybe either a mission or custom log can be added to ensure a player doing so won't forget it.

Thank you for your consideration
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Re: Feature request: hold equipment

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This is planned for the next development cycle (releasing on Pioneer Day 2024) as part of the equipment rework. Hopefully you'll be able to test and provide feedback as we develop this feature!
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