Feature request: incremental Search & Rescue missions

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Feature request: incremental Search & Rescue missions

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There was a Search & Rescue mission with sufficient time for me to do enough trips to fulfill its criteria before time ran out, provided that I was allowed to incrementally complete it. At the target site, I was given a message that it cannot complete as something is missing. There was a long transfer time, which I assume was if I had the full cargo on board; perhaps if this feature request is picked up that it will be adjusted for the partial content (ie 33 mins for full and 3 x 11 mins for 3 equal required cargo content). I don't think I would have had time if there was the full transfer time for each step.

I apologize if this topic was already brought up, I made a search with "search rescue" and all the following (1 by 1) with only the last yielding something but when I tried accessing the thread I was given an error message: gradual, increment, incremental, iteration, iterative, partial, step, little (for little-by-little).

Thank you for your consideration
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Re: Feature request: incremental Search & Rescue missions

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Don't think I've heard this suggested. Sounds like a task for any new contributor to sink their teeth into, should just be to extend that script (or make new in same folder, that use same BBS icon).
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