Feature request: combat zooming

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Feature request: combat zooming

Post by DynV »

During combat when close to a target the majority (vast) of the time I pay attention to incoming attacks and stop my own attacks, which I resume as soon as the enemy stop, which is usually when it increased distance. So the majority of the time I attack hunching (forward) to have better aim. It would be quite nice if there would be zooming, even if that involved purchasing an extra piece of equipment for my ship (hopefully weighing 0).

If you go ahead, please keep in mind some people don't have mouse-wheel. The keys that seems to make most sense for it is ctrl & shift, 3 & 4, and q & a. During combat I can't pay attention much to detail so precise zooming doesn't seem ideal; perhaps by 1/4 steps?

Thank you for your consideration
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Re: Feature request: combat zooming

Post by sturnclaw »

If at all possible, this will be in the February release and coming soon(ish) to a Github PR near you! The feature (along with headtracking and other first-person camera improvements) is already implemented, just waiting to be untangled from a development branch that isn't done enough to merge yet.

I'll definitely look at providing an input axis so users can bind custom keys to it, though the default input method will most likely be the mouse wheel.
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