Feature request: store ships

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Feature request: store ships

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I'd like to be able to have different types of ships, maybe I'd like to switch from interstellar missions to mining within a single system. The easiest to do this seem to have a station just for that, which provide a paid shuttle service to the locations of your ships and stations you bought a ship at. I think bringing the ship there and switching with a ship already there should be considerably cheaper than using the shuttle. For ships not having a hyper-drive, you can leave it to any station with a police department with storing fees (perhaps some rebates could be offered for long-term, ie 1 month for the price of 10 single days), and after choosing that it fades to black and you fade back in at the same docking bay in a shuttle days later where your stored ship used to be. There could be a ships tab added to Personal info to ensure you don't loose a ship after forgetting where you had it disappear at a police department. When buying a ship there would be 2 options: for the current way to do choose "Trade-in" and to store what you're in 1st there's 'Buy & hold", the latter incurring storage fees.

The storing station could look something like: a plain launchpad for the shuttle ships which you can't land at, nearby a launch pad on wheels where you can be authorized to land on, and 1-2 Km further is many ships parked closely, perhaps around a large defensive weapon.

Thank you for your consideration

Update 1
If the idea is picked up and the storing station "look" right to you, I'd like to make it; I'd like to see what I have in mind become a reality.

Update 2
About the look: It could also be in a small moon or a large asteroid which have a large hole down to its center and from there there would be ~6 hangar-shaped caves (and perhaps also vertical H-beams) surrounding it, with a few defensive weapons on the surface surrounding the entrance.
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Re: Feature request: store ships

Post by bszlrd »

Owning multiple ships would be nice, I agree. As far as I know it needs a lot of fundamental refactoring to be possible.
Not sure if a dedicated storage station would be a good way of doing it. Right now our stations and starports aren't that representative of what's going on in them anyway I mean.
On the other hand, the player actually fetching the ship in some way does sound more interesing than a menu based gameplay for it.
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