Feature request: Turret weapon

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Feature request: Turret weapon

Post by tropicalpioneer »

I remember in Frontier there was a turret mount for weapons, on bigger and less agile ships.
I am thinking how it would make it easier to defend yourself on the Bluenose.
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Re: Feature request - turret weapon

Post by impaktor »

There are branches, and other places where turrets are discussed. fluffy had an implementation of it
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Re: Feature request: turret weapon

Post by FluffyFreak »

JohnJ did a Frontier style implementation, I might have a copy of that branch from... many years ago, or his GitHub might still have it.
Nozmajner did me a lovely model of a turret and I got as far as mounting it ingame on a ship but I couldn't get my brain around the maths for orienting and pointing... they would have been auto-turrets, i.e. You choose the target and it just shoots them without player control.
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