Uranus satellites

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Uranus satellites

Post by LucMorizur »

Hi, and many thanks for Pioneer :-))) ! I still spend hours enjoying this project!

A small request — well, I hope it's a small one: as far as I can remember, Uranus' axis inclination is quite well set to 97.8° as it should be, but its satellites are orbiting in the ecliptic plane :-// !! Which is not the case in the real world.

Well, maybe Pioneer is not describing the real world... ;-)

Many thanks again!
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Re: Uranus satellites

Post by impaktor »

Please see:
SSC: lua custom systems to be removed

It would be valueful if you care to add this yourself, using our new custom system editor. It's not yet in master, but if you have github login, you can download the windows & linux build of the deveolopment branch #5625, here:
https://github.com/pioneerspacesim/pion ... 6194274617
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